The days when we can enjoy the sea, the sun, and warm and sincere smiles have come, and as Pyramisa Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh, we are working to welcome you in happy days with our experienced team.

Due to the Covid19 process, in order to offer you a holiday where you will feel safe and comfortable we added and implemented new standards in our hygiene and cleanliness standards created according to explanations and recommendations made by the World Health Organization for the hospitality industry. We fulfil all requirements regarding your health in a complete manner at international standards. We keep our information and action plan up to date by following the explanations, opinions and suggestions of national and international institutions.

We would like to inform you in general terms by giving a few examples related to the main practices; We regularly provide our employees, who are in contact with you and who serve you, all necessary trainings in line with the criteria regarding social distance rules, hygiene trainings and all our action plans in accordance with the criteria's set by the World Health Organization

We frequently check the health of our employees and record the results in order to follow their health status.

We reorganize our facilities by taking into account the social distance rules by providing them with signs and information in all our service areas, we frequently provide hand sanitizers in common areas. We clean our rooms, frequently touched surfaces and all equipment with disinfectant products and use disposable bathroom amenities.

We apply a reservation system in our fitness centre and we ensure the cleaning of the areas and equipment with hygiene materials that comply with the standards after each use.

The food preparation is carried out by our trained employees under the control of food engineers in line with the principles of Food Legislation.

There will be no self-service for our rich open buffet; our chefs will provide services in the buffets. The sitting arrangements in all our food and beverage facilities are organized in accordance with recommended safe distances.

During this period, while we fulfil all our obligations we ask you to take all the warnings of the officials into consideration. The health and happiness of you and your loved ones are valuable to us.